Cold Store Maintenance

Planned Preventative Maintenance

The ISD Planned Preventative Maintenance programme (PPM) follows a 12 step schedule of planned maintenance operations designed to prevent breakdowns and failures before they occur.

Not only does PPM from ISD Cold Store Maintenance prevent disruption to the business through plant or structural failure, a fixed pricing plan assists with internal budgeting to prevent long term margin erosion.

On top of our 12 point programme, ISD can manage full audits , hinged or sliding door repair / replacements, thermographic scans to ensure insulation integrity, cold-room re-sealing or panel spraying.

Download the ISD Planned Preventative Maintenance Brochure

Maintenance and Plant Database

An accurate database of performance is compiled, so that worn parts can be accurately identified and replaced before failure. The ISD PPM database compares individual units within large estates to benchmark performance and highlight common faults. Our experience shows that this is the most cost effective way of extending the lifecycle of existing building investment.

Emergency call outs

Backed by a comprehensive range of materials and parts held in stock at our Gloucester base, ISD Cold Store Maintenance vehicles will carry a large range of core stock items to provide an immediate solution on site.

Should a full repair whilst on site be unfeasible, ISD will endeavour to make the area safe before our engineers obtain details of the exact requirements to enable us to provide a complete quotation for all necessary works.

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